Order filling nozzle Food - Ganapac
20 apr. 2020

For our customer Ganapac we delivered a filling nozzle with integrated puller.

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Partnership with AGPR5 Brazil
05 jan. 2020

HMR Machinebouw and AGPR5 Brazil started a partnership at the end of 2019. The bagging machines...

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Custom build installation
14 aug. 2018

For one of our suppliers we designed in house a customer designed machine for the trade fair...

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Order Big Bag Non Food - SABIC
03 apr. 2018

At the beginning of April 2018 we received the order for a HMR Bag-handling machine NON-FOOD for...

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Order Bagging machine Food - LONEG Dairy Mexico
20 dec. 2017

Just before the end of 2017, Bart van der Hamsvoort received the order from LONEG Dairy Products...

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Partnership Marie Louise Gast
18 dec. 2017

Early 2018 Marie Louise Gast joined HMR Machinebouw on request of Bart van der Hamsvoort. Marie...

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